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Welcome to StackedSeats. We offer a fully-customizable grandstand systems for stadiums. Unlike traditional fixed-in-place seating products, our seats are highly versatile and can adapt to your evolving needs. Our products have been used in various arenas and convention centers around the world and have been praised for their versatility and quality. We serve clients in Houston TX and the surrounding regions.

When it comes to grandstands, safety is very important. Our products have been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% safe. Depending on your needs, you can select from various configurations including 6-row, 9-row and 11-row. Additionally, we'll be able to customize the colors, sizes, logos, embossing, padding and materials of your seats.

At StackedSeats, our team is dedicated to providing you with high quality seating products that closely fit your needs. 

If you have any questions, give us a call at (512) 633-7844

About StackedSeats

How big is the box?

6 Row
Closed Dimension - 94"W X 59"D X 51"H 
Open Dimension - 16' Deep X 8.75' High 
3,527 lbs

9 Row
Closed Dimension - 94"W X 59"D X 102"H
Open Dimension - 24.5' Deep X 12.75' High
5,551 lbs

11 Row
Closed Dimension - 94"W X 59"D X 102" High
Open Dimension - 30' Deep X 13' High
5952 lbs

What's included?
It all fits in the Box. The seats, the rails, everything.

Can I customize the chairs?
Yes, we can customize colors, sizes, logos, embossing, padding, material and more!

What's the weight capacity?
Load support of 1100 lbs per sq/m

How can I access my grandstand?
There are multiple access configuration options. Front, rear, side, even vomitory access.

Are the seats ADA accessible and compliant?
All venues can be configured to meet the necessary ADA regulations and requirements.

Does it have to be on level ground?
The system requires a relatively level surface.

Is it safe?
You mean like scaffolding?
This product has a spotless safety record.

Quality Made

Our seating solutions are used in various venues and arenas around the world. We have an impeccable record of safety and quality craftsmanship.


Our seating products are highly customizable and adjustable. They can be used as temporary or fixed seating.


Here are some of the projects we've worked on in the past:


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